About Mercy

Hi, I’m Mercy, and I love reading, especially Erotica and Erotic Romance! Yes, EROTICA, that steamy, sexy, naughty little genre that doesn’t get nearly enough recognition.

It all started with my mother’s paperback copies of Celeste De Blasis books. I can remember her always having one stashed away in her purse. Whenever the chance presented itself, she would pull it out and surrender to the story, even if just for a little while. It’s no surprise that later on I found my way to Johanna Lindsey, and maybe a Fabio (there’s no shame in my game!) novel or two.

One fateful day I was perusing my local library and stumbled across Anne Rice’s erotic novel, Sleeping Beauty. Let’s just say life took on a bit more color, and I was hooked. Romance’s sibling, Erotica, stole me away, and I loved every moment.

Fast forward to 2017 when one night, after finishing a particularly saucy book, I once again felt the frustration of not having anyone to share my steamy review with. With that, my love of sexy books, and getting other people to read sexy books, grew into the idea for Mercy Me, What Did I Read?

Some of my favorite archetypes/themes are motorcycle clubs, military, BDSM, vampires, LGBTQ, musicians, and athletes. I love when I can’t help but like the bad guy, and I’ve rarely met a paranormal storyline that I didn’t enjoy. The more sexy vampires and werewolves, the better! Add a flogger or two, and I’m one happy reader.

My current go-to authors are Sierra Cartwright, Nalini Singh, Deborah Harkness, Jasinda Wilder, and J.R. Ward.

Read on with your sexy self!