And We’re Off

I’ve been going back and forth wondering what to write for my inaugural post. Do I explain why and how I’m doing this? Do I share quirky details about myself? Do I share some interesting facts about the romance genre? Do I ramble on about what to write? It looks like the answer is all of the above.

The why is easy. I love getting lost in a book. There is nothing like that feeling of sitting at work or on the train and wondering what your current characters will do next. For me, they become friends, family, and sometimes enemies. I also have a habit of becoming so excited about the things I enjoy that I feel compelled to tell everyone; it doesn’t matter if it’s a coworker, a neighbor, my hair stylist, or the cashier at my coffee shop. I’m a compulsive recommender! So, one evening it occurred to me that I love reading sexy books, love talking about sexy books, and love sharing my opinions. BAM! Mercy Me What Did I Read was born.

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